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Transparent Language

Transparent Language (http://www.transparent.com/) is not the name of a single language learning software but rather a software development company specialized in the creation and production of some of the most sophisticated and effective language learning software presently available on the market. Language learning software packages from Transparent Language have helped people all over the world to acquire a good command of one or more foreign languages in a fast and effective manner, right from the comfort of their home.

Before You Know It Deluxe 3.6

Recommended as the best way to start acquiring a foreign language, the Before You Know It Deluxe 3.6 from Transparent Language encompasses a forward-looking technology and guarantees perfect recall method. Beginners and advanced learners can benefit alike from the software, especially thanks to its customized technology which allows one to learn quickly and yet efficiently. Understanding and speaking usual words and a wide variety of phrases is one of the strong points of Before You Know It. It even allows the user to learn at his / her own pace. A fun and a fast way to learn a foreign language, Before You Know It helps the language learner develop his / her language skills with flash cards, specific vocabulary and even regular assessments. Using this transparent learning software, the learner builds up conversational, reading, writing and listening skills at the same. Additionally, the software includes a bonus Mp3 Audio to brush up the foreign language learner’s accent and pronunciation.

Learn Language Now

With Learn Language Now, the foreign language learner gets to master a foreign language using the immersion program and benefits from a high-level multimedia experience. Unlike, Before You Know It, Learn Language Now is more suitable to intermediate learners rather than beginners and may help learners at this level to progress promptly. A multitude of words and essential phrases, motion videos and pre-recorded audios from native speakers are included in this software, all of which are designed to help the learner achieve all the secrets of the language and practice till s/he reaches an advanced level of proficiency. Learn Language Now provides a panoply of features, as opposed to Before You Know. Learning using multimedia activities is fun and yet ability-building. Thanks to this software, the learner can improve his / her grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening as well as pronunciation skills while practicing and testing his / her progress and engaging in exciting interactive games at the same time.

Everywhere Audio Course

For those who do not have the time or IT facilities to frequently use language learning software, the Everywhere Audio Course is perfect for developing all the skills mentioned above, and is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate foreign language learners. With the language learner’s special companion Before You Know It flash card software CD, the learner gets to develop his / her language skills at his / her own convenience, whether at work, at home or while traveling and doing everyday activities.

In fact, the foreign language learner may as well opt for the Complete Language Learning Suites, which encompass all the methods that Transparent Language has to offer. The package includes Before You Know It, Learn Language Now, the Everywhere Audio Course, as well as translation dictionaries to assist the learner at every step of his / her language learning experience. Bonus applications and interactive games are also included in these special packages.