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Teach Me!

Undoubtedly, language learning requires a lot of input in terms of time and effort. Yet if an element of entertainment is added to the process of language acquisition, the whole experience may become more enjoyable as well as fruitful, ultimately cultivating in the learner an openness to new knowledge and a natural curiosity.

In 1985, a unique language teaching / learning aid called Teach Me Musical Language Series was created, encompassing the most innovative and enjoyable features of foreign language learning. Available in 10 languages, each course consists of high-quality CDs accompanied by an admirable, brightly illustrated book. Each book is suitable for coloring and comes with song lyrics, learning activities and full translations. It is thus evident that the activities and lessons within the Teach Me audio series are most suitable for young learners of foreign languages.

A Musical Experience of Learning

Knowing that music is a universal means of communication, the award-winning Teach Me programs use familiar songs to teach children the fundamentals of foreign language. Music and singing, connected with language stimulate image thinking, make up a most natural way of learning language. In fact, usage of musical fragments in language teaching / learning enables the formation of proper pronunciation, enhances articulation and various intonations, helps young learners in understanding of grammatical constructions, and creates good taste among these users right from a tender age. The songs are recorded by native speakers and professional musicians, the books are colorful and beautifully illustrated to catch the fancy of every young reader. This overall musical experience generally contributes to the development of the young learner’s personality.

Foreign Language Learning can be Fun

One of the most difficult aspects of foreign language learning is obtaining oral skills. Using game-like activities, the Teach Me products instruct learners in a most appropriate manner. Many course elements such as conversation, letter writing, enjoyable games accompanied with listening of songs contributed to the development of communication skills, involve a child into active language-learning, and help in better understanding and memorizing. The Teach Me series continuously broaden the vocabulary of the young learners. Children get acquainted with the alphabet, numbers and colors, days of the week, seasons, and more. They learn useful words of everyday life, greetings, and names of body parts, family members, and wildlife. Thus, foreign language learning not only becomes an achievement goal but also a key to a breathtaking world of entertainment and adventure!

Learning Language and More

Moreover, Teach Me courses encourage dialogue and conversation, and even include instructions on the fundamentals of letter writing. Cultural inclusion is an important part of language study. Usage of songs as elements of a culture helps the young learner understand the alien culture better and therefore stimulate their psychological adaptation to the unfamiliar language surroundings. This approach also fosters respect and tolerance to the different way of life, helps in better understanding of history and the present day. The contents of the songs can in fact become an introduction to social communication. Some of the Teach Me series (Teach Me Spiritual Songs, which includes 21 songs, stories, activities and prayers for children to learn and sing, as well as Teach Me Christmas, which informs the listener about the rich heritage, culture and beliefs of each country during this delightful season) instruct the young learners about the traditions of religious culture, Christmas celebrations and family customs expressed through the magic of song and story.

Presently the following courses and languages are available:

  • Teach Me in 10 languages (Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean).
  • Teach Me More in 9 languages (Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Korean).
  • Teach Me Even More, Teach Me Spiritual Songs, and Teach Me Christmas in French and Spanish.

Indeed, Teach Me products offer original and innovative approaches to language learning. They make the process of language acquisition easier as well as more entertaining. Moreover, Teach Me products can help in the overall intellectual, emotional and cultural development of young learners.