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Foreign Language Learning Software

More and more foreign language learners are forfeiting rigid teaching and tutoring, tedious lectures and classroom situations, gloomy libraries and dusty dictionaries in favour of computer- aided language learning software that might be more practical and user-friendly, and definitely more trendy. A variety of language learning software are available on the market, while some are even freely downloadable over the Internet. These software are tailor-made to suit different levels of learning and language proficiency, and even different age groups, for that matter. In fact, some foreign language learning software even encourage learning among children through games.


Foreign language learning software are a definite advantage to people who lead a hectic life. Thanks to such software, learners do not need to make out extra time for language study, so they cannot hide behind the excuse of not finding time. The personal computer has become the most popular workin tool in the present day. A foreign language learning software installed on the PC allows learners to do their regular work while at the same time enriching their foreign language vocabulary. Some of the foreign language learning software have the option of running in minimized windows that will lie in a corner of the computer screen, while the learner performs other tasks and may thus glance at the language learning program every now and then.

Customized and User-friendly

Foreign language learning software do not restrict their usage to the computer novice. Not only can they be used by foreign language learners pertaining to different age groups but users of different IT skill levels may find them equally useful. It is only a matter of making the right choice. Indeed, there can be nothing more convenient and functional as an introduction to foreign language learning. Many people are often intimidated by classroom situations, especially adults who have passed out of school since long. Books may also present lessons in a rather complex manner, whereas language learning software usually focus on simplifying lessons. Thus, whether they are at the “beginners”, “intermediate” or “expert” levels, foreign language learning software appeal to users alike, especially since in present times a majority of people are drawn towards latest technologies. When installed on a notebook, for instance, foreign language learning software perfectly fit into the agenda of the traveler. Some of these computer programs even allow the learner to customize his or her own learning progress by determining the level and pace of lessons.

Overall, foreign language learning software may be very effective in terms of cost as well as time management. In the present day, they can also be highly appealing to language learners, especially to the younger generations. However, to think that these computer programs may act as stand-alone foreign language learning guides would be a big mistake. Most of the time they can only act as additional teaching aid or learning support. Few of them, if any at all, are able to teach elaborate grammatical rules and sentence constructions to the foreign language learner. Indeed, the software in question may be more appropriate to initiate foreign language learning than to attain high levels of proficiency in the language in question.